– Our products are loved at high-class tailors due to their high quality because we use yarn-dyed Asahi Kasei Bemberg and complete all processes in Japan.
– We have inventories of about 23,000 m of linings and about 10,000 m of sleeve linings and we can handle instant deliveries in small lots.
– We can also handle detailed orders for our own-brand linings with inventories at any given time comprising a combined total for linings and sleeve linings of about 70 designs and 400 colors.

– Including Takashimaya and other famous department stores, leading Japanese high class tailors and high class lining stores form the core of our customers.
– We are Japan’s top dealer in high class linings with a share of more than 60% of high class tailors for our company’s products in Japan.
– We have a customer network of more than 150 companies domestically in Japan and have built strong relationships of trust.

– Since our founding in 1902, we have specialized for more than 100 years in the manufacture and sale of linings, buttons and accessories for high class men’s clothing.
– We have received many awards for our linings and sleeve linings.